5 Startups Transforming Traditional Industries

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the behind the scenes of Quantum SPARK, where I described how we created the concept and built the first POC Runway program. I also shared with you how we managed the intensive selection process, which led us to choose 6 amazing startups, out of over 100 that applied.

Today, I’m happy to finally share the full list of startups participating in the first batch of Quantum SPARK! Each one a leader in their field, these startups are about to disrupt their respective industries in the coming years, so add them to your watch list :)

Announcing the 5 startups selected for the first batch of Quantum SPARK

And here they are:

AutoTrust - Maximizing safe assisted driving

AutoTrust’s mission is to automate driving. Their solution collects data from vehicles and enriches it with external data according to the vehicle location. The data is then used to analyze personal driving patterns and to provide real-time guidance to the driver, on when and how to use semi-autonomous safety features available in the vehicle (such as adaptive cruise control, lane centering, pilot assist, etc.) to maximize their potential.

In time, with more drivers using these features, it will become common and trusted, allowing vehicles to automatically take control of driving on certain routes.  

AutoTrust team

ThermoTerra - Harnessing energy from humidity fluctuation to cool or heat buildings

Buildings represent 30% of global energy usage, of which 50% is used for heating and cooling. ThermoTerra’s technology can reduce these energy needs by up to 50%. This would have a vast impact on CO2 emissions, and wasted energy.

by taking advantage of natural fluctuations in ambient temperature to capture and store potential energy (i.e. “Humidity power”), ThermoTerra is able to offer thermal comfort and fresh air along with reduced energy costs.

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IntellAct - Turnaround solution for ground-handling services

IntellAct offers actionable intelligence solutions that monitor, analyze, and accelerate ground-handling services.

Leveraging big data and machine learning, IntellAct provides airlines, airports, and ground-handling teams with real-time visibility into service performance bottlenecks, enabling issues to be addressed in a proactive and methodical manner for operational improvements and a reduction in flights, shipment and cargo delays. The bottom line - IntellAct shortens the turnaround time and improves OTP (on-time performance) by 15%.

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Safemode - Driver-engagement and rewarding platform for fleets

With $25,000 that fleets lose each year due to careless driving (accidents, insurance costs, excessive fuel costs and more), SafeMode offers behavior-based software to help fleet operators become profitable, efficient and safer by engaging and rewarding their drivers.

By shifting the focus to the driver with incentives, compensations, and recognition for proper driving style, Safemode revolutionizes fleets and drivers' relationships, and helps fleets keep their drivers happier and more effective while reducing costs.

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Siraj Technologies - Intelligent connectivity for seamless IoT adoption

Industry 4.0 is one of the hottest tech trends today, and it is not for nothing: the 4th industrial revolution is completely powered by data. But in order to take part of the advantages, a manufacturer needs to be able to connect machines to the cloud to be able to collect, analyze and utilize the data.

Siraj Technologies specializes in connectivity solutions and products for the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Their solution enables the rapid onboarding of IIoT edge devices to a range of cloud platforms, providing device and data owners with quick access to cloud tools to maximize data value.

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Your turn

Are you an investor, corporate innovation executive or industry leader in the fields of automotive, energy, logistics or industry 4.0? If you are, and you haven’t yet connected with us to see how we can work together, please do!

And if you’d like more information on our startup or to connect with them directly, please reach out and I’d be happy to connect.

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