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Mentors Spotlight: Shlomit Hacohen & Omri Green

eet Omri Green, Partner at Grove Ventures, a leading early stage venture capital investment firm,
which partners with exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs and places significant emphasis on deep technology. And yes, an IntellAct Mentor at Quantum SPARK!

Omri has a diverse background in investments, entrepreneurship, management, engineering and sales.
He joined Grove Ventures partnership after serving as a Principal at the fund, co-founding ICS2 with Gil & Eyal, managing engineering projects at BrightSource Energy Inc. Energy and Broadcom Inc., and leading sales at Claroty. He also works closely with startup founders and sit on the boards of NeuroBlade, env0, Deepchecks and CommonGround-AI.

Omri's dream is to continue and meet the strongest Israeli entrepreneur teams out there, with the most innovative tech, and to help them shape a better tomorrow.

His Super Power- Omri is a people person and always looking for the best people out there.

At Grove Ventures, they’re also looking for the brightest talents, and one of our core values is to put people first, which well-correlates with Omri’s parents’ and family’s morals.

SPARKing Innovation - Omri is interested in new ideas and especially Semiconductors & Sensors, Cloud Infrastructure and Industry 4.0 startups.

Meet Shlomit Hacohen, VP Marketing at Arbe, one of Israeli’s hottest startups and an Expert at Quantum SPARK!

Shlomit is experienced in developing go-to-market strategies, product marketing, branding, storytelling, communications, and PR.

She also held marketing leadership roles at DEEP, BUY2, Viaccess Orca, Comverse, and Check Point prior to driving Arbe’s global marketing effort.
Industry: Automotive, Mobility, Robotics, Sensors

Shlomit's dream is to see a future where more technological breakthroughs are dedicated to improving lives.
Every day she is driven by the vision of what Arbe’s technology can achieve - a zero-road-fatality future - and the impact that reality would have on us all.

Her Super Power: Achieving goals by combining long-term strategic thinking with daily-detail attention.

Shlomit' ideas of SPARKing Innovation are startups that are disruptive and ambitious, taking on a technological challenge to make big impact.

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